Meditative Healing™ is a method within the field of complementary therapies. It is the outcome of the meeting of ancient transformative meditations, the energetic elevation of Bhakti Yoga and the modern expertise of deep psychology. Meditative Healing™ is to generate health, healing and the natural body-mind state of balance. It harmonizes the dynamic relationship between subtle dimensions and the tangible world.

The Meditative Healing Program™ is an original and traditional approach to healing. It is based on the teachings as well as methods taught by Yogi Bhajan, PhD, the keys of ayurvedic approach and the western explorations on the deep psychology and mental health. The International Meditative Healing Program™ is a comprehensive study to immerse in the journey to activate your natural healing abilities to improve your holistic well-being and health. The students of Meditative Healing™ will learn through experience to systematically identify a few key generic states of mind that are at work at the core of all healing as well as the power of the mind’s spiritual projection and prayer. This solid alternative approach to health has provided healing and positive changes in the lives of many people and many more need a consistent education in this field.

Meditative Healing™ is a tool that has progressively gained consistency over centuries or even thousands of years. It stems from within a tradition of exploration and discovery initiated in the Indian subcontinent. The first expressions of it can be traced back to the Ayurvedic medicine and oral tradition reaching back as far as 5000 BC. Among rich notions about awareness, holistic health and the quest for well-being as an ongoing and integrated endeavor for every human; Ayurveda has taught harmony with the nature, the organic roots of life. It has kept the view that physical and psychological diseases are usually mixed and one seldom happens without the other.

Meditative Healing is by definition a human capacity that depends a natural effort that is achieved trough systematic meditation and the natural devotion that exists in every heart” – Jivan Mukta

English (translation to Estonian, other languages on request)


with Jivan Mukta, PhD

Jivan Mukta PhD. was born in Chile. He is a Lead Trainer of Kundalini Yoga and a traveling teacher, trainer and counselor. In the earlier moments of his journey he spontaneously experienced transformative events that stimulated his path to provide healing.
In 2005 he was inspired by Yogi Bhajan to do this type of service “out of love”, a key ingredient of all healing work and spiritual guidance.

In 2012 Jivan Mukta designed and launched “Meditative Healing Program™” that is accredited by IKYTA, the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association. This program has already served the destinies of students of healing in over five countries in Europe in the last years.

Jivan Mukta is also trained as a Political Scientist and Historian in his home country, as well as a Doctor in Study of Religions in the University of Helsinki. He has also published several articles on spirituality, yoga and healing. He is married and a father of two children and from 2011 he has been part of several projects to teach Kundalini Yoga & spiritual living for men. In 2015 he developed the education Total Man Training™ also accredited by IKYTA and first launched in China and Estonia.

Meditative Healing Program time schedule, grade 1:
24-25 of October 2020
28-29 of November 2020
30-31 of January 2021
27 of February 2021*
26-28 of March 2021

* practicum day

All modules will be residential in Hatu manor, Estonia

Course fees
Course fee total is 1060EUR (all course materials, royalties and course services are included in these prices) if payed in one instalment).

This includes registration fee 80EUR and it is non-refundable. Registration fee is to be paid right after registration (an invoice is sent by email after registration at the REGISTRATION FORM

Plus full accomodation and food of the 2 residential modules (first and last) weekends in Hatu: 220€

All fees for the Module is to be paid during the Training Module

Organiser contact: Prabhudeep Kaur
phone: +372 5067599


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