2-days Kundalini Yoga Course with Ram Singh

Conscious Sexuality
A physiological and psychological exploration of polarities, for a deeper awareness of the dynamics between the feminine and the masculine, and towards a refined communication, a blooming sexuality and a radiant relationship.

In this course, we will discover that the polarities primarily exist in our psyche, playing a subtle game within ourselves. And that inner game exists prior to our external relations.

We will explicit the relation between body (physiology) and mind (psychology), in the context of the journey of the soul (spirituality). We will see how the internal dynamics of polarities express in the couple relationship, in terms of expectations, needs, roles, behaviours, but also communication and relation to the world, and of course, sex.

We will reflect on how to apply the understanding of the dynamics of polarities in our sexuality, how to invest it for a more conscious life and happier relationships, how to enjoy sexual pleasure in the vast context of love and spiritual awareness. We will learn how to shift from an instinctive sexuality in a more conscious one. This course is also an opportunity to clear misunderstandings about sexuality, to get rid of inherited beliefs and wrong identifications, and to talk about sexuality in a way that integrates all dimensions of the self.

Your early-bird course fee if registered before 9th of April: 190EUR (late registration fee: 210EUR)
Couple discount -10%
Accommodation in the romantic attic of Hatu manor: 20EUR
Vegetarian meals 3-times a day: 40EUR

Non-refundable registration fee is 30EUR.


Ram Singh

“I discovered Kundalini Yoga as a child in Togo (West Africa), and since then I never stopped exploring the unfathomable richness of the teaching of Yogi Bhajan. Since many years I’ve been blessed to be guided by my spiritual teacher, Shiv Charan Singh, through that deep journey.
As a trainer in Kundalini Yoga and in Karam Kriya, the sacred science of numerology, I’m studying and sharing the teachings of Humanology, which is the complete science of the human psyche, the psychology according to the holistic and spiritual approach of Yoga. Humanology incorporates the many facets of the human experience, including Women, Men, relationships and sexuality. I’ve been exploring that rich and complex field for many years now, and I can feel how life-changing it can be to understand the dynamic of polarities and to apply that understanding to one’s own relationship (and all other human interactions, actually). It is a kriya, a journey in itself, and its final destination is nothing but one’s true Self.
Victory and eternal bliss are to the ones who truly know how to love.”

Ram Singh