Prabhudeep Kaur is a warm hearted and radiant yogateacher and course organiser since 2011. She is intern at Aquarian Teachers Academy

Her background of more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur has enriched her understanding of human nature while developing her organisational skills and made her resourceful and creative.

Her experience in business world ultimately made her re-assess her journey and purpose and led her to dedicate to a life of  spreading awareness about human potential and yogic lifestyle.

In 2011 Prabhudeep Kaur commited to sharing the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and Kundalini yoga technology teaching regular yogaclasses and workshops with a focus to uplift and heal people in their human experience.

Prabhudeep Kaur has broadened her skills in the fields of conscious pregnancy, yoga for children and youth, Karam Kriya number awareness and Meditative Healing TM and teachings for women.

She has served Estonian Kundalini family as a chairman at the Teachers Association in 2012 – 2014.

Prabhudeep Kaur lives with her family in their ashram home – the historical Hatu Manor. The highvibrational ashramhouse amidst wilderness and peace serves the community sharing the uplifting teachings of Yogi Bhajan and is a home for nonprofit organisation Valguspere – Family of Light organising courses and events promoting awareness in all fields of life.

The course will be held in the home of Valguspere in Hatu Yoga Manor, Estonia.
It’s about 55 kms from the International Airport of Tallinn.
For transportation from the Airport to the Venue, please contact the organiser.
Address: Hatu Yoga Manor, Hatu, 76013 Lääne-Harju vald, Estonia