Prabhudeep Kaur is from Estonia and has of more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur with a deep view on human matters, organizational skills and resourceful and creative work. This background led her to dedicate to a life of spreading awareness about human potential and yogic lifestyle. In 2011 Prabhudeep Kaur completed her certification as a Kundalini Yoga teacher started teaching regular yoga classes and workshops. She has broadened her skills in the fields of conscious pregnancy, yoga for children and youth, Karam Kriya number awareness and Meditative Healing™ and currently as an Intern at Aquarian Teachers Academy. She has served as the Chairman at the Estonian Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association in 2012 – 2014.

Prabhudeep Singh 
found the way to Kundalini Yoga in 2009. His passion KY has grown into deep dedication.

Prabhudeep is certified Kundalini Yoga instructor from 2013;

In 2014-2017 he was participating in the Meditative Healing Program™ and practices the healing work at Hatu Yoga Manor.

Prabhudeep is a focused yogi and sensitive healer who applies the teachings and lifestyle of Kundalini Yoga into everyday life. 

He is a organiser of the Kundalini Yoga Festival Estonia and a board member of the National Teachers Association. He is married, father of 3 sons and talented photographer and graphical designer and master of the house of Hatu Yoga Manor.

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